Where Stuff Goes – But Doesn’t Go Away

I read this article about a multi-award winning documentary film made by Lucy Walker about the massive Jardim Gramacho dump in Brazil and the people who make their living picking through it. It is a story that is being replicated over our entire planet at sites where the waste by-products of society goes but does not go away.


The movie, “Waste Land”, is making its way into theaters and will be shown in Cleveland on

February 3rd and in Chicago on March 11th, as well as at many other places listed on the movie website (http://www.WasteLandMovie.com).


If you can’t travel to view the movie but would like to learn more then you can read the article and view video clips at the following link.  (http://www.fastcompany.com/1698070/wasteland-lucy-walker-vik-muniz-jardim-gramacho)


The process of remodeling your home creates an amazing amount of debris, both from the building materials that we tear out and from the packaging and scrap wood that are a by-product of rebuilding. I have always tried to save and reuse as much of the material that is torn out that is still in sound condition. It just didn’t make sense to me to demolish a 2×4 wall and pay the dump owners so we could throw dozens of wood 2×4’s away and then turn around and pay the lumber yard to buy the same objects we just discarded. I have been told many times that time is money and it doesn’t make good dollars and cents to pay some to clean the nails out of lumber you can buy new for less than two bucks. Somehow it always made good common sense to me and is a standard part of our procedure when we remodel.


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