Lead Safe Work Law Separates Pro’s from the rest

Remodel, Repair and Painting Lead Safe Work Law

The enactment in April of 2010 of the EPA RRP Lead Safe Work Law has caused a lot of concern on the part of companies who work on buildings constructed before 1978. The law requires companies doing work on a home that has tested positive for lead to follow a stringent routine to assure that any lead paint that is disturbed during the construction process (primarily tear out and demolition) is contained, cleaned and disposed of properly.  The law does not require that the buildings built before 1978 be tested for lead, but states that if testing is not done it must be assumed that lead is present and appropriate protocol be followed.

Magnotta Builders and Remodelers has always tried to excel in dust and dirt containment on job sites (that would be your home) and found that the new requirements, while a step beyond our usual methods, where not the quantum leap that many other companies faced in follow this new law.

Based on these facts we have decided to forego testing for lead (unless requested to do so by the owner) and instead treat all buildings constructed before 1978 as if there were lead present.  By doing so you, the home owner, are protected from having to disclose the presence of lead in the event of a sale if a test were to come back positive. You will know that you and your family will not come in contact with lead or any other hazardous material that may be present in your home as a result of the tear out and demolition portion of work done to your home by Magnotta Builders and Remodelers.

We view this as an opportunity to raise the level of service that we provide to you to help us to refine our process and over time streamline this process to reduce the cost burden associated with the additional steps and methods involved in lead safe work practices.

There are a lot of companies that are vehemently opposed to this law and either refuse to follow the guidelines or decline to work on pre-1978 built homes. This puts you and your family at risk as well as the workers who come in contact with lead on the jobsite.

The damage done to children and fetuses by lead exposure is irreversible and tragic. Even exposure to miniscule amounts can cause brain and nervous system development damage, reducing IQ and causing learning disabilities and behavioral problems. In 2007 there were 500,000 children in the United States found to have elevated blood lead levels. The harm done to adults is nothing that anyone should risk either. It includes muscle and joint pain, memory loss, fatigue, high blood pressure, reproductive problems and nerve disorders.

If none of this dissuades you from making sure that companies who disturb painted surfaces in or on the exterior of your home follow the EPA’s lead-related Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule, consider this: Contractors who are found in violation of the RRP rule can be fined up to $37,500 per occurrence, per day. This means the company you hired and probably paid a substantial down payment to may find itself unable to stay in business or perform the work they had contracted to do for you, if found in violation of this law, leaving you in a most uncomfortable predicament.

If you still feel like taking a gamble on this you might want to consider the odds.


87%       built before 1940

69%       built from 1940-1960

24%       built from 1960-1978

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